Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? Did you know that bathroom renovation ranks one of most popular major home improvement? This is not surprising since your return on your investment when you sell your home is so high.

Start by imagining what your ideal bathroom will look like, then prioritize your needs and making a wish list. Are you thinking of adding another sink, changing your floor, adding a walk-in shower, or do you want to do without the big bathtub that you haven’t used in years? Maybe you need more counter space or additional closet space.

Determine your bathroom renovation budget.
Customers always ask F.M.S. Construction “How much will I need spend on our bathroom renovation“? The answer depends your dream bathroom design and bathroom features. Renovating the bathroom of your dreams is an investment in your home, so you want to decide on what you most want in your new bathroom. This is the time to consult with F.M.S. Construction  renovation team; F.M.S. Construction will help walk you throught the bathroom renovation process and make the right renovation choices to meet your budget. Bathrooms are one of the best places to consider for improvement and upgrades in terms of both improving your lifestyle and your home value.

Bathroom Fixtures
When it comes to bathrooms, let your imagination run wild and get personal with your bathroom. Consider a walk-in shower with steam, multiple programmable jets and multi-shower heads, free standing tubs, cabinetry, finishes and the latest look in fixtures. One of the fastest way to update your bathroom is to change the fixtures in your sinks, faucets, toilets or a jetted tub. Prices vary depending on brand, size and style.

Now is the ideal time to replace or upgrade your bathroom lighting, F.M.S. Construction  can you help you decide on the type of bathroom lighting that works best for your bathroom.

Bathroom Flooring
The type and size of bathroom floors you choose can influence your bathroom invest, the larger your bathroom is the more it will cost for both material and installation. The least expensive bathroom flooring material are vinyl and linoleum, they are simple to install and come in plenty of colors and patterns. Flooring material such as porcelain tiles, stone tile, ceramic, marble, and wood floors are more durable but are also more expensive to buy and install but your money is well spent since they provide a larger return on your bathroom investment! They add value to your home and could pay for themselves many times over when you sell your home.

Bathroom Plumbing and Electrical
Can you live with your bathroom’s current layout? Changing the layout will impact your cost greatly since both plumbing and electrical costs can be high!
If you decide to change the bathroom layout in the hopes of making your bathroom more beautiful and functional be prepared to invest more in your bathroom’s budget.